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Read a Book, Make a Difference

Author R.S. Guthrie started Read a Book, Make a Difference (RABMAD) as a way for authors to give back.  Contributing RABMAD authors give some or all of their book sales proceeds to charity.  Authors choose the cause that is most dear to them.  RABMAD is managed fully with personal time and resources; no money goes through the organization itself, so that all proceeds can instead go to the selected charities.  I proudly joined Mr. Guthrie and many other great authors in this endeavor.

Currently, 50% of the profits from Good Deeds and The Evolution of Mortality go to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.  I will never reduce this amount for these titles, but I may increase it in the future, and I may add more titles to this cause.

Please check out RABMAD and consider purchasing a book by one of the contributing authors.

More information about my chosen cause, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, can be found on their website.


The Evolution of Mortality

Brady Holiday is afraid to die. He sees death in the most mundane of daily activities – slipping in the shower, falling down a flight of stairs, turning on the stove, and driving down busy thoroughfares. His wife thinks he’s crazy, but Brady likes the back roads where he is away from the danger of other drivers.

But this particular back road snakes through death’s backyard. The Holidays are invited in for a bite, and Brady will come to understand that his fears of death are nothing compared to the truth.

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Good Deeds

Cam Malenfont is plagued by nightmares of grisly violence and unthinkable creatures made of dirt and stone. In his dreams, the earth has come viciously alive. Cam is beginning to think that his visions are real and that mankind is about to be swallowed whole. He has to find a way to stop it. It’s the right thing to do.

Lanny Bells has his own demons. But when he saves a man left for dead, he hopes an act of kindness will drive those demons away. Helping others can’t be wrong. Or can it? Death is sometimes the natural order, and now Nature itself wants Lanny as payment.

Lanny and Cam will soon discover that sometimes doing the right thing is wrong.

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