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Praise for D. Miles Martin’s books!

“Got me back into horror. I will continue to read anything else this author writes.”
  -Amazon.com review of Good Deeds

“Creepy! Creepy! Creepy! I wouldn’t recommend reading this while camping unless you really like being freaked out.”
  -Amazon.com review of Good Deeds

“His work is the kind of storytelling that will last. Unforgettable.”
  -Glen Cantrell, author of The Resume

“I had fun with this.”
  -Amazon.com review of The Evolution of Mortality

“I really liked this story a lot. Good characters in a creepy setting and it read fast.”
  -Goodreads.com review of The Evolution of Mortality

50% of proceeds from Good Deeds and The Evolution of Mortality will go to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation!



The Evolution of Mortality

Brady Holiday is afraid to die. He sees death in the most mundane of daily activities – slipping in the shower, falling down a flight of stairs, turning on the stove, and driving down busy thoroughfares. His wife thinks he’s crazy, but Brady likes the back roads where he is away from the danger of other drivers.

But this particular back road snakes through death’s backyard. The Holidays are invited in for a bite, and Brady will come to understand that his fears of death are nothing compared to the truth.

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Good Deeds

Lanny Bells found the body on his morning jog through the woods.  The man had been tortured and left for dead, his chest and abdomen sliced, his arms and legs tied to the ground. It looked like an attack by some sort of fanatic cult.  A ritualistic sacrifice.

Lanny does the right thing.  He calls the police and saves the man’s life.  But death is sometimes the natural order, and now Nature itself wants payment.  The earth has come alive, and it wants the sacrifice that Lanny prevented.  If Lanny can’t find a way to stop it, first the town of Oakview will be swallowed whole.  Then all of humanity.

Lanny is about to discover that sometimes doing the right thing is wrong.

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